Fall Dapper Days 2018!

Although we moved to Texas earlier this year there was no way I was missing Dapper Days! 

This is just a quick post to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and supported. I am going to do my best to be there every season! 

Here are a few of the snaps below!  You can find the full album on our Facebook Page.

Please please shoot me a message if you are in any of these so I can follow and tag you on Facebook/IG. 

I know I got a few of the handles at the event, but since I was flying solo it was a little hard to keep track of them all :). 

Album Preview:


We debuted out fall leaves! I absolutely loved these and am considering bringing them in year round even though they are not flowers... Thoughts?

Fall Dapper Day Velvet Leaves

Velvet Leaf Hair Flower


It was so amazing to put the finishing touches on this look!! It really came together! 

Hades Dapper Day 2018

Treasure Bin!

If you've been to the booth you know we have a treasure bin! This yellow flower was used ( and abused ) in an underwater shoot and went for $1. It looks amazing on this belt! 

Perfect match! 

This 1930's look is now complete! The flower is literally a perfect match! We were floored :)

Matching Red Velvet Flower

Be sure to see the rest on our official Facebook Page!

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