Lots in Store (Literally!)

2018 was a crazy transition year for Camellias and Curls! In Spring we had studio and storage space in both Austin, Texas AND Los Angeles, CA. Fast forward eight months and the studio has moved a total of 3 more times! 

I am happy to announce that we are FINALLY in a perfect beautiful pink studio space and we intend on staying put for the foreseeable future. I am also about 70% unpacked!

Now that we're almost settled let me catch you up on the new new for 2018 before 2019 creeps up on us!



In the last few months we've released 4 new collections, two new materials, and some very fun new embellishments.  Print Perfection, A Little Bling, Feather Me Fancy, and Visions of Velvet have now been integrated on this website!!


We've moved! While I will totally miss LA, we built a wonderful home and space for the studio right outside of Austin. I also left my full time corporate job which means more time to invest in flower making. My first project was decking out the studio in Camellias and Curls colors and finding some great vintage pieces (which I painted pink and white of course :)) to house all of the flower making tools and material! 

Camellias and Curls Studio

Camellias and Curls Studio

True Vintage

Later this month we will launch True Vintage! I was able to source some gorgeous colorful vintage silk flowers for this new ready made collection. I hope you love them as much as I do! Be sure to sign up for email to find out about the launch! 

Better Online Shopping Experience

We have totally revamped the website and added shop by color and shop by collection features as well as more comprehensive product photos and this space for shop updates! Please let me know what you think. 


Email is finally launching! So you'll know when the shop is updated and when we have exclusive sales.  Be sure to sign up at the bottom of any page if you haven't received our welcome email and connect with us on instagram for daily shop addition announcements! 

Be sure to stay tuned we have lots in store for the remainder of this year both figuratively and literally! 

Looking forward to seeing you here again soon!


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