Created out of Necessity. Sustained through Love.

When I started silk flower making, it was to fill a void I saw within the marketplace. Simply put, it was difficult to find hair accessories displayed on women who looked like me. Unfortunately, when I did find something, it was more often than not for brides or infants. I needed something to wear to work and it was virtually impossible to shop for something online that would fit with my type of hair.

I started with the simple plan of making silk flowers that would work on the job and flowers that would stay put in my kinky, curly hair. I ended up falling in love with flower-making, so much so that I've dedicated years to learning this ancient craft!

I eventually created Camellias and Curls, an accessories line designed and marketed with all hair textures in mind.  Four years later, I quit my corporate job and launched expanded collections in various materials. I now cater to anyone seeking a flower accessory.

I feel truly honored each and every time someone chooses one of my creations for their special day or occasion. I hope to continue to expand my offering with the goal of helping you find your perfect accessory, something that not only fits the occasion but makes you feel uniquely YOU!

- MP

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